Lecobel Vaneau Sales

Place Brugmann 11 1050 Ixelles

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm
    Saturday 11am to 3pm

  • Phone : +32 2 346 33 55
    Fax : +32 2 343 94 82

Founded in 1989 in Ixelles, Lecobel Vaneau guides its clients, owners and buyers, in their real estate project in Brussels. With almost 100 sales per year, Lecobel Vaneau is definitly one of the leader of the real estate market in Brussels.

Our team advises you

  • Abraham de Bettencourt Director of Lecobel Vaneau
  • Virginie Lauwers Marketing Manager and HR
  • Rénald Korenberg Accounting
  • Céline Lavenne Head of Agency
  • Catherine Loseto Real Estate Agent
  • Arnaud Croughs Real Estate Agent
  • Melissa Chahir Real Estate Agent
  • Sophie Wese Back-office

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